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“The Left Show, a weekly self-produced podcast that takes the piss out of conservative politics, local and national, with equal parts vitriol and comedy, making for an hour-plus radio show (complete with swear jar) somewhere between The Daily Show and Real Time With Bill Maher.” – City Weekly
The World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast brings together some of SLC’s smartest geeks and knowledgeable nerds to discuss and get excited over the geeky items of the week. JC Carter, J.M. Bell, and friends … gush over films, comics, video games, literature, television and more. Be ready for spoilers smothered with love. – City Weekly


From time to time on The LEFT Show, JM Bell takes a moment to tell the neanderthals what’s up with women.

The Sidetrack

Jason Williams breaks the news into all its important pieces, building a deeper understanding of the issues that effect your life.

Red Light, Green Light

You ask questions, J.M. Bell gives you answers. Ask him anything.

JM & Tom ROAST Everything

A Little Clarity Podcast


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